What is Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism?

What are the beliefs, practices and differences between Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism and other sects of Nichiren Buddhism?

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  1. LACA says:

    ‘nichiren shoshu buddhism is all about mushu and his word.

  2. John the Buddhist,-Lotus fan 卐卐 says:

    ‘They are a sect of Nichiren Buddhism, They have a high priest at their head temple and a Daigohonzon, and they revere Niko as Nichiren’s only legit successor, in contrast, nichiren Shu has no head priest as far as I am aware, has no central gohonzon, and is really a confederation of smaller temples/sects. Soka gakkai used to be affiliated with the shoshu, but is not anymore, their teachings may be similar. I think they both believe in the daigohonzon, and that Nichiren supplants shakyamuni as the most important Buddha of our age, whereas other nichiren sects still place primary importance on Shakyamuni. The format of daily gongyo is also different, but not by much. I practice non denominationally, but I think I may look into the nichiren shu (not the same as shoshu) one day if I can move to a place where it exists.

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